Epigenetics Literacy Project

Epigenetics are stable heritable traits (or “phenotypes”) that cannot be explained by changes in DNA sequence. Epigenetics often refers to changes in a chromosome that affect gene activity and expression, but can also be used to describe any heritable phenotypic change that doesn’t derive from a modification of the genome, such as prions. Such effects on cellular and physiological phenotypic traits may result from external or environmental factors, or be part of normal developmental program. The standard definition of epigenetic requires these alterations to be heritable, either in the progeny of cells or of organisms (Wiki).

The Epigenetics Literacy Project (ELP) is an initiative of the non-profit Science Literacy Project. The ELP is the only place on the web that connects journalists, scientists, and the public to analysis, expert opinions, education, and news about the emerging field of epigenetics and the science at the intersection of nature and nurture. The site covers a variety of topics such as gene regulation and expression, endocrine disruptors, and the microbiome. The ELP is funded by a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

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