All Things, Including Science and Tech, Thrive on Diversity

Our biggest scientific and technological breakthroughs come from openness and understanding. These are, in turn, spawned from international collaborative efforts. Ultimately, the future of humanity depends on our ability to move past old alliances and unite for our common good.

June Javelosa, Futurism

Last week, an executive order issued by Donald Trump moved to ban citizens of several countries from entering the United States. According to the order, regardless of what visa or green card they may hold, citizens from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen can’t enter the country for at least 120 days.

As a result, Samira Asgari, a computational biologist who was headed to Boston (where she had a job at Harvard Medical School), was prevented from entering the country. In fact, Asgari, who holds an Iranian passport, was prevented from even boarding her plane bound for the US from Frankfurt.

And she is just one among thousands.

At times like this, it is important to remember that, despite what may be going on in the political sector, scientists and innovators must maintain an open dialog and stick to the collaborative spirit that has fueled some of humanity’s greatest accomplishments and scientific discoveries. We must remember that scientific and technological innovation—that our very future—depends on our ability to overcome prejudice and bigotry.

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